New Guinea Walnut? Magnetic Utensil/Knife Holder

New Guinea Walnut? Magnetic Utensil/Knife Holder

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New Guinea Walnut ? 7 magnets. Roughly 12” x 1.6”

When building a tiny home there are some things that are a must have, and having a secure place for your knives is one of them. When we built ours, we couldn’t find one to suit our needs, so Dan took the knowledge he had and protyped a few different designs and magnets until he found the perfecting pairing for us!

The magnets hold knives firmly against the surface but do require handles up to stay 100% secure while we drive. They are also VERY beneficial as silver ware holders. Having all your utensils visible helps you to notice when one is left behind, and are more conveniently placed for frequent use.

No matter what use you find for these multipurpose magnetic holders, we know you will be in awe of how beautiful the wood grain is, and how well hidden the magnets are placed inside the wood.

I won't tell you all the secrets, but I will tell you that these are NOT made from magnetic trees (we get that question a lot). We use neodymium magnets and A LOT of patience to put them into the wood blocks.

How do we do it? Imagine a series of spring- loaded mouse traps laying on your work space and one wrong move tripping them all. That is about like working with the magnets, so we drill carefully and place in the magnets even more cautiously.

Hopefully we made you chuckle with the mental imagine of us slowly placing one magnet in at a time to avoid creating a domino effect down the row of magnets and pinching our fingers!

Because we use natural wood and produce our products in small batches at a time, the exact wood grain may not match the photo. We will make them to the same design, but the wood grain pattern and hue of color will vary slightly.